Species Phalaenopsis 8-pack Flowering sized


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Species Phalaenopsis 8-pack Flowering sized

Once a year I need to groom my Phals! I allow you to purchase these high quality phalaenopsis species from my personal collection. These are the plants I cherish and enjoy each day in my secured garden in Malaysia. Each one is blooming size and hand selected by me. They are not just the normal commercial grown plants we regularly sell. They are fully matured and flowering. There are 2 different 4 packs available this year, or you can purchase all 8 in this package.

I have limited stock this year, so purchase before I run out.

This pack includes the 1 each of the following 8 plants:

SP303 Phalaenopsis Cornue-Cervi SP69 Phalaenopsis Violaceae
SP322 Phalaenopsis Sumatrana SP64 Phalaenopsis Ambonnencis
SP335 Phalaenopsis lueddemanniana (var. puclhra) T36 Phalaenopsis Venosa
PS10 Phalaenopsis Equestris ‘Apari’ X Maculata SP334 Phalaenopsis Bastianii
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