SP69S Orchid Plant Phalaenopsis Bellina var. Small


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This species is a small sized, hot growing, pendant growing epiphyte from Malaysia and Borneo in shady, humid, lowland and swampy riverine forests low down on trees often near or on branches overhanging stream banks with an erect to ascending, short stem completely enveloped by persistent leaf-bearing sheaths and carrying pendulous, broad, rounded, light green leaves that blooms in the summer and fall on a suberect or arcuate, 2 3/4″ [7 cm] long, racemose or paniculate, few flowered inflorescence with a flattened, fractiflex rachis and small ovate bracts and has only 2 to 3, highly fragrant flowers open at a time. The inflorescence on older plants can rebloom year after year so do not cut off green viable inflorescence. This hybrid crossing is from selections of siblings that flower at a very young age (9 months out of the flask) which have resulted in very free flowering, fast grow plants. Great for breeding. This plant is a Hybrid plant and member of the Phalaenopsis family. You will receive 1 mounted plant if you purchase this Item! The plant Identification Number is (PID): SP69S. The name or crossing of this plant is: Phalaenopsis Bellina var. borneo ‘small’. The size of this plant is: BLOOMING SIZE. Plant is potted in a plastic 4 inch pot. When available and if Mother Nature allows, this plant will ship in bud.

If you purchase this plant, you will receive a potted
plant similar to the one shown below

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