SP69A Phal bellina Syn. X Phal Violacea Var. Borneo


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This plant is our 3rd generation hybrid self crossing between the siblings of the parent crossing that has produced fragrant and thick waxy flowers. There are only a few of these plants available. Great for breeding. The flowers are lighter purple/pink color on a white/light green background. Breeding stock was selected based on the plants health and growing strength. This plant is free flowering. This plant is a Hybrid plant and member of the Phalaenopsis family. You will receive 1 mounted plant if you purchase this Item! The plant Identification Number is (PID): SP69A. The name or crossing of this plant is: Phal bellina syn. X Phal violacea var. borneo. The size of this plant is: BLOOMING SIZE. Plant is potted in a plastic 4 inch pot. When available and if Mother Nature allows, this plant will ship in bud.

If you purchase this plant, you will receive a potted
plant similar to the one shown below

Sample potted plant photo
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