September 2013 Cattleya Division 6-Pack


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September 2013 Cattleya
Division 6-Pack

We are
offering this SPECIAL Cattleya 6-pack which includes 6 Blooming Sized
Cattleya Divisions! Each Division will include 3 or more Psuedobulbs
and new growth eyes.

S&H is
only $15.00 for all 6 plant!

SC07 Orchid Plant Lc Chan Hsin Jewel ‘San Mei’ SC33 Orchid Plant Blc Alma Kee ‘Tipmalee’ AM/AOS SC112 Orchid Plant Blc Lucky Strike ‘Golden Ring’ AM
SC28 Orchid Plant Blc Haadyai Delight ‘Bangprom Gold’ AM SC88 Blc San Yang Ruby ‘New Beauty’ BM/TOGA SC29 Orchid Plant Blc Triumphal Coronation ‘Seto’

When available, these plants will be shipped with flower
buds, but it is not guaranteed. Please note that flowering plants
shipped with spikes or buds are fragile and we cannot guarantee
survival of buds or spikes, but we do guarantee the plant. Pot these up
as you would any plants that you have recently divided.

These pictures do not represent the exact plant you will
receive. They were taken of earlier sold plants in the flowering stage.
Your plant is from the same batch of plants as shown.

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