6-Pack Pot Packed CATTLEYA Orchid Plant blooming size


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This 6-Pack is a Grower’s Choice offering and we hand select these plants for you and will pick them from the best of our stock. Because of this special offer and low price, we cannot allow you to choose between plants.

These pictures do not represent the exact plants you will receive. The photos were taken of earlier sold plants as an example for your understanding of the product offering. Your plants will be about the same size. Plants will all be different from each other as they are different variety and have different growth rates and characteristics from each other.

If you choose to buy multiple 6-packs, we will do our best to make sure you receive the fewest duplicates possible. Check the special offers section of the website for the other varieties.

This offering is sold only between November 18th, 2011 and November 21st 2011. These plants are sold with an expected delivery date of December 2nd, 2011. We cannot ship these packages earlier or later and these 6-packs of pot packs are shipped and sold separately from all other products on this website.

Orchids will be any mix (Grower’s Choice) from the below listing. The 6-Pack you receive may include additional plants not listed below. We have many new plants that come of age for the 6-Pack every month.

SC02 Orchid Plant Blc Chia Lin New City
‘New City’ AM/AOS

SC30 Orchid Plant Lc Mari’s Song

SC04 Orchid Plant Blc Dorcille Little

SC31 Orchid Plant Lc White Spark ‘Panda’

SC06 Orchid Plant Pot Sweet Sugar ‘Happy
Field’ BM/JOGA

SC32 Orchid Plant Bl Little Star

SC07 Orchid Plant Lc Chan Hsin Jewel
‘San Mei’

SC33 Orchid Plant Blc Alma Kee
‘Tipmalee’ AM/AOS

SC11 Orchid Plant Pot Love Call ‘Desire’

SC34 Orchid Plant Pot Thiti

SC15 Orchid Plant Lc Longriver Compton ‘Golden Star’ FCC/AOS

SC35 Orchid Plant Blc Lucky Strike
‘Golden Ring’ AM

SC23 Orchid Plant Blc Tree Sun

SC36 Orchid Plant Pot Yellow Splash

SC24 Orchid Plant Blc Hawaiian Wedding
Song ‘Virgin’ HCC/AOS

SC37 Orchid Plant Pot Haw Yuan Gold
‘Yk#2’ GC/WOC 99

SC25 Orchid Plant Blc San Yan Ruby ‘Kuan Long’ AM/AOS

SC38 Orchid Plant Blc King of Taiwan
‘Ta-Hsin’ #1 AM/AOS

SC26 Orchid Plant B Nodosa X Big X Netrasiri Beauty

SC39 Orchid Plant Bl Yellow Bird

SC27 Orchid Plant Blc Tainan City ‘Red Face’

SC40 Orchid Plant Blc Greenwich
‘Elmhurst’ AM/AOS

SC28 Orchid Plant Blc Haadyai Delight ‘Bangprom
Gold’ AM

SC41 Orchid Plant Pot Burana Beauty X
Slc Bridge Angel

SC29 Orchid Plant Blc Triumphal
Coronation ‘Seto’
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