10-Pack CATTLEYA Orchid Plant seedling size


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This 10-Pack consists of:

1. 10 different SEEDLING bare root plants of Grower Choice
2. 10 plastic 2-inch pots
3. Enough Sphagnum moss to pot the plants in the provided pots.

This 10-Pack is a Grower’s Choice offering and we hand select these plants for you and will pick them from the best of our stock. Because of this special offer and low price, we cannot allow you to choose between plants.

These pictures do not represent the exact plants you will receive. The photos were taken of earlier sold plants as an example for your understanding of the product offering. Your plants will be about the same size. Plants will all be different from each other as they are different variety and have different growth rates and characteristics from each other.

If you choose to buy multiple 10-packs, we will do our best to make sure you receive the fewest duplicates possible. We offer seedling 10-packs in the following variety: Vanda, Cattleya, Dendrobium, Phalaenopsis and Oncidium/interspecies. Check the special offers section of the website for the other varieties.

This offering is sold only between November 18th, 2011 and November 21st 2011. These plants are sold with an expected delivery date of December 2nd, 2011. We cannot ship these packages earlier or later and these 10-packs of seedlings are shipped and sold separately from all other products on this website.

Orchids will be any mix (Grower’s Choice) from the below listing. The 10-Pack you receive may include additional plants not listed below. We have many new plants that come of age for the 10-Pack every month.

This package includes:


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